Tea and us

Kenya is among one of the finest tea producers in the world that delivers you a perfect teacup by blending richness in the soil with the blessing of diverse climate and sunlight throughout the year. Established in 2013, Fair Trade Enterprises Ltd (FTE) is a business that is specialized in exporting finely grown and manufactured tea in Kenya to the whole world. As the name resembles itself, the business focuses more on being ethical and socially responsible throughout business. The company gifts various types of teas that are grown in fascinating tea gardens in Kenya such as black tea, green tea, hibiscus tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, white tea, and golden tips. Not only tea but also FTE is a licensed seller of well grown avocados as well.
The vision of FTE is not only focused on delivering you a finely made delicate teacup but also has been widened to be more environmentally and socially responsible. All our business activities are highly concerned with maintaining a sustainable ecosystem, practicing ethical business concepts, improving the well being of local farmers, and enhancing the living standards of brothers and sisters who are working with us to make the perfect tea for you. FTE is an EU organically certified tea producer and exporter witnessing our one of the core values, being environmentally sustainable. As a result of our core focus on promoting sustainable development in rural areas, there are around 800 small scale organic tea farmers and around 1,200 small scale organic avocado farmers who supply their products to us and make their lives better. The specialty teas of FTE that are always prepared to serve you a wonderful teacup are packed and exported under our own brand name Tea Influence©”. The brand itself would make a positive influence on you as a delicate tea drink that is wrapped with plenty of health benefits while bringing a smile to our tea farmers faces. The teas produced under Tea Influence are grown in well maintained tea gardens and the fresh tea leaves are carefully hand picked by selecting of two leaves and a bud that gives the best flavorful characteristics to your teacup.
Being EU organically certified, the Tea Influence tea making process promotes conservation and climate change mitigation making your purchase a worthy investment to the whole world. There are nearly 600,000 small scale tea farmers in the country and FTE allows them to be strong in the tea value chain creating more opportunities in accessing the sustainable tea market.
Being a quality tea producer, the company supplies teas to local tea exporters while directly shipping the teas to international buyers who seek quality single origin tea taking the utmost benefits of the business to the small scale tea farmers to make their lives better.
The passion to make you happy through fine quality tea, willfulness for a sustainable environment, and love for the community that depends on us has made us more courageous and strong in the business.

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