Private Label

At our company, we specialize in the development of private-label products for retailers that are then sold under the retailer's brand. We understand the importance of offering customized formats and dimensions that are based on the client's own design. This allows retailers to have products that are unique to their brand and meet the specific needs of their target market. One of the key aspects of our service is our ability to accommodate different packaging options. Clients have the flexibility to either deliver their own packaging to us or we can source it on their behalf. This ensures that retailers have complete control over the packaging design and can align it with their brand image. When it comes to sourcing packaging materials, we take on the responsibility of ensuring that they meet the standards of our packing lines. We have established relationships with reliable suppliers and have a thorough understanding of the quality requirements for packaging materials. This allows us to source materials that are not only high-quality but also cost-effective, enabling us to offer competitive pricing to our clients. In terms of quantity, we have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) per design when we source packaging materials, which is set at 10,000 pouches. This ensures that retailers can benefit from economies of scale and receive competitive pricing for their private-label products. For pillow bags (flow pack), we offer a range of formats including 250g, 350g, 400g, and 1kg options. We provide clients with die lines for these formats, allowing them to develop their own artwork and ensure that it aligns with their brand identity. Overall, our focus is on providing a comprehensive private-label product development service that meets the unique needs of retailers. From customized formats and dimensions to sourcing packaging materials and handling all aspects of production, we strive to deliver high-quality products that help retailers enhance their brand image and meet the demands of their customers.


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