Toll Roasting

Toll roasting is a service that allows customers to provide their own green coffee beans and have them roasted according to their desired profile. This arrangement offers flexibility for customers who may have specific preferences for their coffee. The pricing structure for toll roasting depends on factors such as volumes and packaging format. Typically, it includes several fees. Firstly, there is a roasting fee per kilogram of coffee, which covers the cost of the roasting process. Secondly, there is a handling fee per bag or pouch that is packed and labelled. This fee accounts for the labor and materials required for packaging the roasted coffee. Additionally, there is a charge for packaging materials. The toll roasting service provider usually has standard materials available, which are charged at cost. However, customers also have the option to provide their own packaging materials. Lastly, there is an export preparation fee per export consignment. This fee covers the administrative work and documentation required for exporting the roasted coffee. Overall, toll roasting offers customers the opportunity to have their own green coffee roasted to their desired specifications, with a pricing structure that reflects the various components involved in the process.


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